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Since 2016, our #1 goal has been to help small businesses succeed through marketing and business automation. We love our clients and do everything possible to help them reach their goals whether those are business focused or lifestyle focused! We love helping entrepreneurs take a deep breath, step back from their business, and watch their dreams come true.

Our mission is to help small business owners succeed.

Dani wears an invisible super-woman cape! She is a tech genius that loves back-end systems and all things marketing automation. There isn’t a platform out there that scares her, and her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with (clients words not just ours)!
Her spirit animal is an Elephant

Dani Calhoun
Automation Specialist

She's a skilled writer, a marketing integrator, affiliate manager, and partner manager. With a solid background in web design, she also works as a designer and project lead for client support. 
Camille’s expertise includes website copy and design, email marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, and persuasive sales copy. Her spirit animal is a cheetah.

Camille Campins-Adams
Marketing Manager

Since the beginning of Star Tower Systems, Hailee has been an integral team member here! She manages our onboarding and training customers as well as our partner relationship with Keap. Hailee spends most of her time working with clients 1:1 and dreaming up ways to automate their businesses without stress and overwhelm. Her spirit animal is the deer.

Hailee Ardmore
Automation Expert

Lauren is the incredible Business Manager over here at Star Tower Systems. Somehow she knows everything about everyone and every project. Her brain is massive. She manages the business operations, team members, and maintains client relationships. She also happens to be Lindsey's older sister so she keeps Lindsey in line too! Her spirit animal is the lioness.

Lauren Booth
Business Manager

Lindsey started Star Tower Systems with a dream and a 3 day old baby. She realized that she could start a business, doing what she loved, instead of slaving away for someone else. Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist that focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. Her spirit animal is a honey badger.

Lindsey Ardmore #Bossbabe

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