How do you choose if something is good for your business? What about not good for your business? AND if it’s not good for you, what that looks like, and how you go about changing it. There are times in life where you have to pivot in your business. (Anyone else remember that Friends episode?) […]

Making Fast Paced Decisions in Your Business…READY? GO!

At the end of last year, I pushed really hard getting things all wrapped up for 2018 and organizing for the first quarter of 2019. I don’t set my goals in January, I set them during the last quarter and push hard to achieve them so I successful first quarter. That means I have been […]

How are YOU Doing with YOUR Goals so Far in 2019?

As a woman, our innate, universal nature is to be creators. We create babies, we create content, we create a nurturing environment, we create a home, and we create products. We just naturally create things. It’s really in our nature to create something, then jump to creating another thing. And another thing. And another thing. […]

The Art of Doing WAY too Much…

Truth is…I am not fabulous at this. I am really not. This is why attending conferences and mentoring is so needed as entrepreneurs.  And guys I’ve included a WORKSHEET, so we all can be great at this now. How many of us have gotten a great lead into our world or community? Someone you just […]

How to Follow Up and Not Lose those Precious Leads

Preparing to leave your biz for a vacation or conference can be a scary prospect. Most women I know, me included, are addicted to our businesses. We think about our businesses as soon as we wake. We think about them all day long. We can’t turn our brains off. But everyone deserves some down days. […]

How Do You Leave Your Business and Survive?

A couple weeks ago I was in Arizona at Keap’s PartnerCon. If you missed my live videos click here and here to watch my quick updates from the conference. I think there’s a huge benefit in attending these types of training or conferences and learning, getting to meet everybody and then just listen to what […]

Recap of My Amazing 3 Days @ PartnerCon by Keap

Hey everyone! I wanted to talk to you about retreats- hosting one, planning for one, surviving one… Retreats are my thing. With previous experience hosting retreats, I know how to host them, but specifically I enjoy hosting them. It’s my favorite thing ever to bring people together in a beautiful space to change their business […]

Retreat Planning Tips

Hi everyone! I’ve gotten TONS of feedback lately about a big change that happened… I know some of you have been wondering and asking what is going on with Infusionsoft….or Keap….or Infusionsoft by Keap? What is it? What happened? Should I switch? I am here to help! Long story short,  Infusionsoft wasn’t purchased by another […]

A Big Change Happened and it’s a GOOD THING…

Hello everyone and happy 2019! I feel like it’s been forever… all STS’s new projects, launches, and clients have kept me a very busy gal, but I’m happy to get back to something that I love to do–write blogs! Today, we’re talking about How to Get SHIZ Done as an Entrepreneur! I’m super excited about […]

How to Get Shiz Done in 2019.

Hey everyone! I want to be honest with you. I’ve been feeling super under the weather lately, and it’s been a HARD week, PLUS my computer has been having issues-it seems like nothing is going right. Have you guys been there? Geez, I’m struggling over here. Today, I wanted to talk a little about staying […]

Staying Productive the Last Few Weeks of 2018