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Hey everyone! I decided something huge a while back, and I can’t believe that it’s actually coming true now… As of 2019, I will not be personally working with anyone for automation. Yes, I’m shocked too. No more calls. No more 1-1 automation. Nada. And it’s actually been pretty hard for me, since I have […]

Why You Need High-End Help

Hi everyone and happy holidays! In the USA, one of my personal favorite holidays as a mom is here, THANKSGIVING! However, as an entrepreneur, you know it’s REALLY hard to turn off our brains and actually take time away from the business on a regular basis. I’m definitely not the poster child for this AT […]

Turning Off Your Brain During the Holidays

So, There are only 48 days left of this year. Only 48 days left to make 2018 the year you planned for. And you feel like you haven’t made your mark. WOW, that’s heavy. Like what the heck, Lindsey! Let’s first take a couple of deep breaths and rethink this situation… Okay, well it’s true. […]

How to Still Achieve your Dreams in 2018

Hey everyone! So, my last post gave you a pretty real reality check on WHY you need to automate your business. But, I got so much feedback asking, “HOW do I even start automating my business?” This is an easy, yet tough answer because… You’ve got one expert telling you to do one thing, another […]

Where Do I Even Start Automizing My Business?

First, I need you to take a little quiz for me… Put a check ✓ next to the following that applies to you: ☐ I work 10+ hours a day ☐ My business feels like a never-ending hamster wheel ☐ I wish I had more time with my family and friends ☐ I feel like […]

Why You Need To Automate Your Business

We’ve been taught that it is important to follow our elder’s footsteps and how they set the example for how we should live our lives, but what if that isn’t true? What if that isn’t right? Hey friends! Or at least by the end of this post, we will be friends. I always assure you […]

Even Successful Entrepreneurs Need a Life Coach

Hey there – Lindsey here. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to write a blog post. It’s been a wee bit crazy around here, but let’s just dive right in! First things first, if you’re interested in learning more about how you can automate your business – I want you to go sign […]

My Top 3 Tips for Automating Your Business

The first step in wowing your customers involves delivering more than what you promised. (You promise your pregnant wife you’ll pick up a dessert on the way home, yet you come home with 3 of her favorites? WOW!) This may seem simple and obvious, but in the hustle and bustle of daily work, it’s often […]

Create a Culture of Wow

As you begin attracting more customers to your business, you need to make sure they don’t leave and forget about you. You’ve attracted the right audience, so now you need to either make the sale or get their contact information. This way you can follow-up with leads that aren’t ready to buy just yet. REMEMBER! […]

Lead Capture, Follow-Up, Nurture

As an entrepreneur, I know you have big dreams. Because you are driven, you want the world to know that your products and services are available to everyone…and are needed by everyone. Yet, spending HUGE sums of money trying to attract the world to your products and services can be easy, only to find out […]

Identify Your Target Market