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Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist who focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. 

How do you choose if something is good for your business?

What about not good for your business?

AND if it’s not good for you, what that looks like, and how you go about changing it.

There are times in life where you have to pivot in your business. (Anyone else remember that Friends episode?) You have to change your strategy and look at what’s working, what is not working, and just move forward with the best information you have available.

There is a massive gap in tracking insights and analytics, and realizing what those insights and analytics mean. If you start making decisions on feelings or reactionary emotions without the whole picture, it’s really hard to make the right decisions for your business.

There are pros and cons in fast-paced decisions.

A big advantage is being more intentional on what you spend your time on in your business. The universe, higher power, gut, or whatever you believe in, has a way to help us realize what is good for us and what isn’t good for us. But we sometimes ignore it.

We just know that this client who seems like a “no” client will be different. We just know that this partner will change their values and be more in tune to us. We sign them up, or we agree to partner and sure enough….it doesn’t work out.  

We have all done it.

We all know by experience those things that just won’t work for us. We need to remember those moments and take that information into our decisions.

When you encounter your “no” client…say no.

When you explore being a partner with someone and they do things you don’t like, that means exploration over.

It’s that simple, but also that difficult.

Be intentional. Know that your time doesn’t need to be about clean up and extraction.

Be aware where you want to spend your time and where you don’t.

If you do 1:1 coaching and you are feeling burnt out, you know you can’t just stop. But you can recognize the need to step away and work at creating a plan that keeps your clients happy with their experience, so they won’t feel less-valued.

Another pro is being able to make a decision that helps you put your best foot forward.

Many of you have heard the “ADD, CHANGE, DELETE” decision-making process. In simplified terms you, look at the decision and decide if this is something you want to ‘add’ to your business.

Or is it something you ‘change’ in your business by optimizing something you already do?

Or do you delete this decision because it doesn’t help, optimize or benefit your business?

You guys remember me showing you page after page of notes and ideas I brought home from PartnerCon 2019? When I went back through the ideas, knowing where my values and ethics lie, I knew that some of those ideas that sounded so great wouldn’t work for me.

I knew that a few of the ideas I thought would go one way, went another. I announced right after PartnerCon that I was going to do weekly Q&A calls with my Facebook page…after looking at everything, that has now changed into weekly Q&A calls for my small membership group, Automation Insider.

It’s a wonderful experience to create the monthly bundles for this group and it honestly helped me realize how I needed to change some things.

In March, I created the bundle “The Funnel Creation Blueprint.” Things like, do you have a way to attract leads, a way to capture leads, a way to pitch to leads, what does your funnel process look like?  It was so powerful for me to look through this bundle and realize how new ideas can fit into your business flow and how they can’t.

That prompted me to ‘add, change, delete’ some things from my business. It also helped me reevaluate the live videos and optimize the live experience for those wonderful people in the AI community.

I am still sharing content across the board. I love to share everything with you guys, but to truly nurture where I want to grow my business, things had to change.

My cons to fast paced decisions is not knowing the whole picture.

If you make a quick decision without all the facts, the whole picture or pertinent information… you are hurting yourself and your business.

When you make a decision, and base it solely on emotion or your initial reaction, then you don’t really know if it’s beneficial. You don’t know how this will ultimately affect the flow of your business.

I look at my book from PartnerCon and I was super excited to come home and implement them all. But by taking a deep breath, looking at the facts, and really knowing where my business was at, I could make the decision to cut some of those ideas.

And while the ‘fast paced decision’ wasn’t about implementing them…it was about immediately knowing I needed to know more before I did or changed anything.

To make those fast paced decision you must:

  • know your numbers,
  • know your funnels,
  • know your business processes,
  • know if your lead magnet is working,
  • how many leads you are getting, if it’s a slow trickle or too many,
  • how many people are bouncing off your page,
  • how many people are opening those emails,
  • how many people are opting in?
  • You must know your analytics and see the WHOLE PICTURE.

You will see the ‘no’s and the ‘yeses’ more clearly. You will know what will work for your business, what will flow with your business, and you will know if something is going to affect you long term in a negative way.

Knowing all this…makes my decisions, fast, easy and most importantly, intentional.



Making Fast Paced Decisions in Your Business…READY? GO!

April 4, 2019

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