How are YOU Doing with YOUR Goals so Far in 2019? -

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Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist who focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. 

At the end of last year, I pushed really hard getting things all wrapped up for 2018 and organizing for the first quarter of 2019.

I don’t set my goals in January, I set them during the last quarter and push hard to achieve them so I successful first quarter.

That means I have been pushing towards my goals well over the first 60 days of this year. But I still have a little under 30 days until the end of the first quarter, so how do I push through the struggle and keep working on those goals?

I recently did an exercise that was a type of gratitude practice, but it was more along the lines of a business planning practice. It helped me realign my goals for this year, become more aware of lessons I am learning, and helped me recognize my positive outcomes.

It’s broken down into three steps:

1. Wins

You have to look at the wins from last year. There are so many wins we don’t see, because we are focusing on the ‘fat failures’ we think plague our businesses. The saying comes to mind… ‘can’t see the forest from the trees.’

It means to me that we can’t see the overall picture, because we are too focused on the details. And the details business owners focus on are mainly the negative ones.

We need to see the positives too – the wins, the big picture that changed our business for the better.

So, maybe you didn’t launch a creation or get a course online on time, but think about why. Was it because you had to care for an influx of new clients? Did your family need you at the time for something more important? Remember, there are two sides to every ‘tree’ and ‘failure.’

Last year, I had some major wins, but after this exercise, I truly saw what a remarkable year my business really had.

My biggest win was stopping doing client calls. I was no longer a project manager for clients and turned that over to the real experts – Hailee and Justine. I really loved doing it, but Hailee and Justine are AMAZING at it and it made more sense for them to be on calls with clients. It’s a double win here, because I have great team members AND I can focus on the things in STS I excel at.

Another big win was from last July to December, we launched 5 projects last year, meaning 5 systems and 5 developments had to be done. This is a huge win for STS. You’ve heard me talk about it before, Automation Foundations & Automation Insider were definitely big wins for me and the team!

By doing this assignment, I realized I had so many more wins that I hadn’t even recognized.

I got to sit and talk with Clate Mask, a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. I had so many great people that came into my life that helped me grow, and that evolved my business for the better. Having people like this in your corner is life changing and empowering and I am so grateful for the changes these people inspired @ STS.

Another win I had last year was that I was able to go on vacation for 10 days to London with my husband and I was able to turn my phone and laptop off. I have a wonderful team and could trust them to take care of it all.  It was the first vacation that I was able to do and still keep a revenue while I was out of the office. It was life changing for me.

So I encourage and challenge you to write down all the things you brainstormed to really recognize the positive things you had happen. Look at those ‘fat failures’ and see the wins associated with them.

2. Lessons Learned

‘Fat failures’ are so easy to see. They are easy to see as negatives: failures in ourselves or in our businesses or even both. But, from each failure comes a lesson. We need to recognize and write down all those lessons from last year. I had ‘lessons’ last year too…

I learned last year that not all people in business are the same. This was a hard painful lesson, but I am now better off because now I choose to work with people whose values align with my own. I strategically pick partners who have the same core values and business practices that I do.

This lesson has helped me surround myself with people who I love doing business and working with. It also helped me see that when contracts or commitments are being set, that you need to have parameters in place to protect yourself and your business. I am vigilantly aware now of people and their actions and how that will help or hurt me or my business.

I also learned that this work can exhaust you, even if you love it. I had two team members leave last year who just didn’t give themselves space. They got burned out. So now I train team members to have strict work hours and to put work boundaries in place. I coach new hires to not be consumed in my business and to be aware that space away is needed.

I encourage and challenge all of you to re-evaluate those ‘fat failures’ as lessons. See how those negative things positively grew your business or, at the very least, what lessons you learned to be better in the future.

3. Focuses

I know it seems weird to look back on last year as a way to achieve your goals this year, but it’s really beneficial. It’s really good to see all the true wins you had last year and all the lessons you can implement this year.

I have 2 BIG focuses this year:

  1. This year I want to take a long maternity leave. If you haven’t heard I am having a baby in July.  I want to be able to take some time for my baby, my family and myself. By recognizing last year that I could leave the country for 10 days and still maintain revenue, have my business taken care of by a wonderful team, and not feel anxious or concerned, it helped me realize I can strategically plan for a maternity leave. That way I can come back rested and renewed and I have absolute faith in my team to keep moving forward, while I take some grace time for myself and family.
  2. I want to focus on our existing products. Because of the major development in the last quarter, I recognized that this year had to be about nurturing those creations. I want to grow my Automation Insider group, because I am just so proud of that program. I am excited for the things it can do for small business owners. We all have great products that need to be focused on and develop the growth. We need to remember to take time to do it.

By looking back in the last year for your wins and lessons, you are less likely to fall into the negative re-evaluation of your business that makes you sluggish and masks your growth. BUT…

Seeing the good and sharing it empowers us entrepreneurs to keep going, keep growing and to keep pushing forward.

I want you to see your wins, I want you to recognize your lessons learned from last year and then take all the positive, growing information and re-evaluate your focuses for this year.

Share any and all you find. Either, here, in the comments below or on our Business Automation Secrets Facebook group.

By keeping our eyes on the positives, it makes us more accurately aware of all those wins and lessons that happened last year to better this year. We can process things for our business faster and more efficiently.

That’s the entrepreneurial way!



How are YOU Doing with YOUR Goals so Far in 2019?

March 13, 2019

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