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Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist who focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. 

Truth is…I am not fabulous at this. I am really not. This is why attending conferences and mentoring is so needed as entrepreneurs.  And guys I’ve included a WORKSHEET, so we all can be great at this now.

How many of us have gotten a great lead into our world or community? Someone you just instantly love, you just care about them and their business. You’ve either spent time on the phone or in person and you just click. You are astounded by this fabulous person and you just know they are perfect for your program, business, or community. This is known as the golden lead.

We’ve all been there. (If you haven’t, we need to talk.) We meet his beautiful person, and don’t get the instant yes, but we just know they are wonderful, phenomenal, perfect and we know we want to work with them. BUT they still haven’t said yes, and things are just not moving forward.

As humans, our brains are designed to take information in, process it, and move on to something else it doesn’t fit within the parameters. Our brains can only handle so much information. When we don’t get that instant gratification, our brain just “throws” it out and we move on. It’s human nature; this is just how our brain work.

So, here’s a scenario:

We got on a call with Bekki Sue. The call was great. She was a beautiful person, passionate about her business – the golden lead. At the end of the conversation, she was so excited about our pitch and our product, but she just didn’t commit. She just didn’t want to spend the money. Sometimes that happens and we need to respect that, because the last thing you want to do is force anyone into a lead. So, I said, “Ok Bekki Sue, we will send you a follow up email, and when you’re ready, contact me and we will get rolling…”


My sales friends are cringing right now reading this. I am so guilty of this. I don’t like to make it awkward. I try to let people move at their own pace, but giving them full control makes those golden leads become dust in the wind for our business. It doesn’t really matter what your product is the concept is still the same. We want the Bekki Sue to work or buy from us, which is why follow up is so important!

Here’s your next step. So, we’ve finished our call, consult or presentation. Part ways. You send the follow up email, hopefully. She’s decided ‘maybe’ and no matter how much we loved Bekki Sue, our brains have moved on to other things. Then, 30-60 days pass and as we are reviewing our notes, we come across Bekki Sue’s name in our notebook, and we remember “Oh yeah, I loved her!! She’s amazing! I really wanted to work with her!!”

So, what do we do now?

We can create a follow-up email campaign, so you don’t lose another lead. But, you can also do this manually until you are ready to move into automation, the strategy is still the same. And maybe you use a scheduling, task software. So, you go in and assign yourself tasks for an email followup or you have a version of emails to cut and paste. Whatever the system is, you need to have a follow up routine in place.

There are three basic types of outcomes:

  1. The YES: bells are ringing, birds are singing, you got the credit card and it’s done.
  2. The MAYBE: Interested, but not ready; loved it, but not ready to commit.
  3. The No: If they are someone you ended on a good note with, we have a plan, but if they aren’t someone you want to work with, then the appropriate follow up is a ‘thanks for your time and good luck’ kind of email – polite and professional.


Make sure you send them a welcome email! Make sure they get access to all they need. If you don’t do credit cards over the phone, then make sure you send them an email with a link to pay.

Craft an onboard experience that eases your mind, and gets them to engage immediately into the product they just purchased. We need to make sure they have a beautiful, high end experience. Follow up with in a few days and see how they are doing.


The maybes are hard. This is Bekki Sue… Make sure she’s added to your long-term drip sequence. Right away, we can show her a little love that can help her eventually make a decision either way.

But for now, send her an email that makes it clear that you understand what she needs. Don’t be overwhelming. I worked with someone who was an amazing person but they had an intense email campaign that I know if I was getting all those emails, I’d be like WHOA…slow down.

Two to three days later, send Bekki Sue a nurturing email. Something not salesy, pitchy or including any price. Just a little love to let her know you heard her struggle, you can help, but you still wish her all the best.

A couple weeks later, email again and offer to pop on another call, check in and see how things are going…don’t be pushy, but the goal is to keep you and your product on her mind. It reminds her that she wanted to work with you. Show her you want to work with her too and not just get her money.

This email campaign can be easily automated to free up your time but should be done manually if you aren’t ready to automate. Also, if you have a texting service in your business send her a nurturing text sometime in that window too.

The NO

If you aren’t what they need and you ended on good terms, send them an email that you are recommending them to someone else who can help them. It really shows you do care about the small business. It’s something they won’t forget. And could lead them recommending you to someone else.

If it’s a hard no. but you ended on a good note, and they could eventually use your services, then put this contact in a long-term nurturing sequence. 30-45 days after contact, send them a follow up email that has a few touch points and just reminds them what you’re doing. Keeps you in contact, but not crazy contact. Then, once or twice a quarter I’d send follow up emails of the same nature. Things change in small businesses all the time.

I’ve said before that 80% of all sales happen in the 5th-12th contact.

With Bekki Sue, you haven’t lost the sale, you just need to follow up really well to inspire her to work with you.

Here’s the worksheet to help manually do the follow up.

Also, if you are ready to automate, let’s get you started today, here or here.

But either way, don’t put the follow up back in their court, do the work, get the girl, be amazing.



How to Follow Up and Not Lose those Precious Leads

March 5, 2019

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