Recap of My Amazing 3 Days @ PartnerCon by Keap -

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Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist who focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. 

A couple weeks ago I was in Arizona at Keap’s PartnerCon. If you missed my live videos click here and here to watch my quick updates from the conference. I think there’s a huge benefit in attending these types of training or conferences and learning, getting to meet everybody and then just listen to what other people are saying. I came to PartnerCon this year to participate in PAG (Partner Advisory Group), do some networking and to just learn from bigger, amazing companies, so I could get some takeaways for my business that I could turn around and share with you.

Tuesday was a preview day for us. Keap showed us some really cool things, actually pretty amazing things they are coming out with. I can’t share with you because I am not allowed to spoil anything but there are some seriously incredible updates coming up for Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap. I’m just so in love with the different things, the different channels they are promoting.

The biggest thing from Tuesday was that Keap really cares about the small business journey. They care about the service provider, the entrepreneur, they care about you. They care about you getting that lead and they care about turning that lead into a customer. That’s what they are building the new software around and they showed us some amazing metrics and things that really blew my mind. It showed me how much they truly care for small business owners.

Over the course of the three days I took away a lot of ideas for my business. I have 10-15 big takeaways for Star Tower Systems that I want to take advantage of and move forward with. The only way I can do that, is by doing those things in my business and then turning around and sharing with you. I think when we listen and learn and take that kind of approach, where we share ideas it’s absolutely incredible for all of our businesses.

I learned some new things about live events, whether we host them online or in person. As I said before I worked for a company that did over 200 live events a year and a lot of those ideas were confirmed in the training but I also learned a few new things. Especially for our international clients. The market is so hot in the UK and the Netherlands right now and you can get into an event or conference on the ground floor. I love that they talked about keeping things small and more personal, 10-50 people. And also to make things quick, like a learning lunch. It was fun and exciting to get some great information. I am now more excited for our retreat in March.

I also met Susan Sly, who I truly believe is my spirit animal. She is just an incredibly cool lady. She taught about helping out those people who have side gigs going on. Those people that want those side projects to become their big gigs. She gave us ideas on how to really serve them ( I love this wording, “serve”) in a way they can afford that will benefit their side hustle. I have some amazing, exciting ideas, some really low barrier, roll up your sleeves, be willing to do the work more accessible live training ideas. We are going to be doing stuff in the next few months that really help you do those things that take your business to the next level. Things like “How to Build an Opt-In?”. A live training where you can ask questions and get help. Not just courses or lead magnets but steps to help you tackle a project. She would continually say, “Put a KPI on that” or “How can you put a KPI on that”. I need her to put a KPI on my business because it was so incredible her motivation and drive to keep us enhancing our performance. (KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator).

I also got to take a course from Dobbin Buck. He’s the owner of Get You Wired. He talked a lot about company building by team building. He showed us what he does to grow a business because growing a team is half that battle. He shared with us how to hire someone for our team. When we get to team building we all have hired the wrong person but there are some really awesome things I took away from this for my business that I am so inspired to share with you in the coming weeks.

This conference was so much fun. If you haven’t followed us on IG yet, head on over and check out our photos. You should see the sweet socks I got to come home with and the precious gift I received from FuseDesk. I am so excited for the pages of possibilities I came home with. I can’t wait to take all of these ideas, sprinkle them with Lindsey unicorn sparkle dust and share them with all of you in next few months.

Keep Going, Keep Serving, Keep Growing



Recap of My Amazing 3 Days @ PartnerCon by Keap

February 19, 2019

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