Staying Productive the Last Few Weeks of 2018 -

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Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist who focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. 

Hey everyone!

I want to be honest with you. I’ve been feeling super under the weather lately, and it’s been a HARD week, PLUS my computer has been having issues-it seems like nothing is going right.

Have you guys been there? Geez, I’m struggling over here.

Today, I wanted to talk a little about staying productive the last few weeks of 2018. We might feel it creeping in…

Maybe the holidays are starting to get a little too close for comfort.


Maybe you’re just trying to take a break. (Which is super important!)

You know you still need to stay productive, while you’re getting down to business. But how?

Before we dive in, I wanted to start with a little positive focus.

My positive focus this week comes from a brand new Automation Insiders member. Honestly, I was just shocked that I got this little note; it even made me cry, so, I wanted to share it with you.

“I signed up for your trial – primarily because I was curious, it was Black Friday, and I just wanted to try this, because I’m not very good at automation. And can I just say, it is freaking amazing and honestly, there is so much value in this product.

I really appreciate the step-by-step instructions. Even with outsourcing stuff, I can turn over the step-by-step instructions and it will be done the way I want it done. Honestly, it is so so good. The content is great. You could do mini-courses from this sort of thing. So, I just really wanted to say well done. With this monthly membership, I can totally see the value in it.”

Just a little word from someone who is making leaps and bounds just like you every day – keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward. Keep growing your business.

Okay, so let’s talk about being productive.

So what does productivity mean to me?

I don’t believe in having to force and hustle and grind and constantly be working. Because I don’t think force, hustle, and grind get you ANYWHERE in life.

Really, when I talk about productivity, I’m talking about when I sit down to work: I’m being productive for every second that I’m actually working, and for the rest of the time, I’m trying to turn my brain off or focus on other things.

So, let’s talk about some little things that you could be doing to increase your productivity that won’t take you any time or any drama.

1. Shut down social media. You have probably heard about my social media fast and now that I’m completely off social media. How many times have we talked about the little 5 or 10 minutes between tasks that you spend scrolling? We’ve all done that. But let’s eliminate that! Let’s just shut down your social media. Delete it from your phone.

2. Set reminders and race against the clock!

3. Use your online calendar. You’ll love it, I promise you.

I hope these small tips are helpful. What do you do to be productive?

Comment below!

All my love,

Staying Productive the Last Few Weeks of 2018

December 6, 2018

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