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Lindsey is an automation wizard and business strategist who focuses on creating peaceful experiences for business owners and their customers alike! She's known for her get it done attitude and her candid conversations about life and business. 

Hey everyone!

I decided something huge a while back, and I can’t believe that it’s actually coming true now…

As of 2019, I will not be personally working with anyone for automation.

Yes, I’m shocked too. No more calls. No more 1-1 automation. Nada.

And it’s actually been pretty hard for me, since I have received SO much pushback when I tried to step back before. People would say, “Well I’m only doing business with you, because I want to work only with you”.

And it scared me. I didn’t want to lose my customers, and I ESPECIALLY didn’t want to let them down.

But, I realized that the only way to serve my clients right was to take a step away and trust my team, my girls, to be the extraordinary women I hired, and take care of them. The way it was intended to be.

So, it seems like I’m stepping away, BUT I’m actually diving right in.

Because what I’m offering, instead, is Automation Powerhouse. My version of high-end help. It’s the top of my ladder and something I’m so proud to be solely working on with only five people.

I used to be going 1000 miles per hour, going from project to project, spinning on my little hamster wheel. I was going way too fast. I found out that I needed to be planning and executing on a just one level, dedicating everything to it.

I repeat, I am not abandoning anyone. I’m focusing my energy and love on a few select people to be able to create the customer experience I’ve always dreamed of–just for Powerhouse.

What Automation Powerhouse looks like…
-Quarterly 1 Day Fly Ins or Virtual GSDs with Lindsey & Automation Team ($10,000)
-12 Months of 5 Hours of Additional Automation Support and Implementation ($12,00)
-All Copywriting Done by our Expert Copywriter ($7,000)
-2 VIP Tickets to Next Automate My Business Retreat in 2019 ($7,500)
-BONUS: Private Voxer Access to Lindsey ($6,000)

We’re strategically planning the year out: pages, order form, funnels, copy, basically every aspect of what you need to take your business to another level.

I’m telling you about this, because I want you to use it for inspiration for your own high-end product.

Here is the link, to get your thoughts flowing.

So, I want you to take a step away and think, “What’s my version of high-end help that I offer?” or “How am I ‘keeping the ball rolling’?” or “Do I only have check-lists or to-do lists?”

Finally, I want to leave you with the most important question…

Do you need some for yourself and your business or do you need to offer some to your clients?

Let me know your answer in the comments below or in a free, 30 min Automation Audit strategy sesh.

All my love,

Why You Need High-End Help

November 28, 2018

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