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Ok, so the title above is obviously my opinion, but Zoom video service is without a doubt the best resource for video conferencing.

I have staff from around the country, and because of this, I was digging around the web for a program that would allow me to video chat with my employees on a regular basis. I tried a few other outlets that didn’t satisfy my needs, and then Zoom fell into my lap. After a little research, I quickly became hooked. Below you’ll find some reasons why I love it, as well as some links that can get you started.

Number 1: Multiple Plans and Pricing Options

No matter the size of your operation, there is a Zoom package that exists for you. Now, my team is rather small, and our meetings are brief, so the FREE option works for us. But if you run a rather large enterprise, there’s a package that will cost you less than half a tank of gas per month.

Number 2: Video and Sound are Clear

A fun little fact about me is that I can’t stand grainy, blurry videos (no matter how good the sound is). I don’t care if I can hear you, if I want to see you, and you look like a pixelated mess, I’m frustrated. (There must be a name for this condition!) Anyway, with Zoom, I never have to worry about video or sound quality. There’s no lag, videos are crisp, sound is loud, and whoever needs to share their screen, can, without delay. I’ll explain that further below.

Number 3: Shared Screens

Have you ever been on the phone with someone explaining how to do something, or they are telling the steps you need to take to accomplish a task, and you checked out by step 3 because you were lost, and couldn’t keep up? I have… and it’s frustrating. I hate repeating myself when it’s unnecessary, and Zoom has this covered. There is a feature that allows any team member to share their screen to visually and verbally explain steps. It’s fantastic, and eliminates any confusion.

Number 4: The Support

When you sign up for Zoom (See what I did there?), I can almost guarantee you won’t find a glitch or an issue. But if you do, the support team and resources are amazing. There’s a phone number, a chat box, a support tab, and mini videos that can walk you through almost any issue. Fantastic!

To be honest, if you are a business owner, Zoom needs to be the next website you visit. I gave you a few reasons why it’s my video conferencing best friend, but you’ll need to dig around the website to find out for yourself. There’s too many ways that Zoom can benefit you…check it out here.

All my love,

Zoom: The BEST Video Conferencing Service

November 9, 2017

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