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Ok, you’re excited. Your business is growing, and you’re ready to hire a new employee. Posting for applications can be thrilling, because dang, your banging business is thriving, and you need help! But before you jump on the first few applications that come in, settle down. You want to make sure you interview people that will benefit your business. With that being said, here is my 5-step checklist to hiring a new employee.

Now, this checklist has worked for me. I’ve gone from just me to a crew of 5, and a 6-figure income in about a year. So, here we go…

Step 1: Be Specific

Before you can start pulling resumes, you have to post the position. (Makes sense, right?) When you post, be super specific as to who your ideal employee is. This way, when prospects are looking through job postings, they know to either submit their resume, or skip your offering all together. This will help you out immensely. Now you’re not sifting through irrelevant resumes…which takes me to step 2.

Step 2: Minimum Requirements

Instead of calling in each person who has submitted a resume, weed out the prospects that do not meet the minimum requirements. Being able to sift through a pile of resumes can hasten the process of hiring. If you’re hiring for an office assistant, and the resume content supports a field completely different from that, move on.

Step 3: First Impression

This goes a long way. When you are reading through a resume, is it visually appealing? Does it look like it was well thought out? Are there proper spacings, titles, and white space? A short resume isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it may just mean they are fresh into the corporate world, but are totally qualified. Does the resume look original? Or does it look like they copy and pasted from a general template? First impressions are well, first impressions for a reason.

Step 4: Cut the “Fluff”

Prospects are excited about the opportunity for employment, so they tend to add information that isn’t necessary. I mean, they aren’t stupid. They want to add as much to their resume to “beef” it up, in hopes that because their resume looks full, you’ll pull it. Be diligent, and read through each line. You don’t need to know that they won an award for best pie at their local state fair.

Step 5: Check for Career Goals

You want employees that are going to work hard, bring a little something special to your business, and strive for excellence. Check their goals, and be sure that they have a clear idea as to where they want this position to take them.

All my love,

5-Step Checklist to Hiring a New Employee

October 18, 2017

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